Standing in the plush bathroom, fluffy white towels hanging on smart chrome rails and upmarket, aromatic lotions and potions filling trendy wicker baskets, I wiped off my smudged deep-red lipstick. It had been neat and sexy earlier when I was at the bar with my friend but when she’d left early to head back home because her parents were in town, I’d stayed behind for a drink on my own. I’d been spotted by a guy I’d seen a couple of times before – never to speak to – and this time he’d plucked up the courage to approach me. He said he liked my outfit, a black latex catsuit and heels with a worn denim jacket to tone it down a little, and he was curious about the shiny rubber. Normally I stay with my friend when I visit her, but this weekend she couldn’t put me up because her parents were staying, so I’d booked a night in a swanky hotel. It meant I had a big bed and no reason to be quiet.

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