Aracoeli as cute as a button, but that only makes us want to play with her more. Jim uses his leather straitjacket, straps and gag. I just love the sound new leather makes when you struggle in it. Squeak squeak mmmm. I would say Aracoeli agrees with me, if not oh well. she’ll find it pleasurable soon enough! Her corset is super tight, her silky pantyhose are hugging her body and those straps around her feet are holding her legs wide open. Open enough for Jim to bring out the vibrator. Aracoeli is about to get the full Jim Weathers multiple orgasms experience. Low? High? Let’s see which she’ll enjoy more! By the time she’s done she’s just like a little rag doll. Sounds like a good time to me!

File: bcf_wmbcv-0489_bdg.mp4
Size: 719 MiB
Duration: 19 min 31 s
Format: MPEG-4
Video: , 1280×720 (16:9), 30.000 FPS, ~5 000 kb/s avg, 0.181 bit/pixel
Audio: Language: en, 44.1 kHz, , 2 ch, ~192 kb/s

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