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Very often daddy has to make business trips, which frequently also lead to exquisite vacation locations. He gets never to see anything, but sometimes when I am allowed to accompany him on the travel I get to spend serious time exploring. Some days I use to do my shopping, on others I simply decide to do neighborhood reconnaissance. It happens every now and then that I allow myself to do serious sunbathing and relaxing. Most of the time I let my daddy know that he need not worry, his little girl is taking some boring book and will do some reading somewhere on the beach in her bikini, which I truly sometimes do, but there are times when it is not the case. I cannot fathom why, but from time to time I get this urge to don some shiny, soft material and enjoy feeling it on my skin: the latex. I have no idea how my daddy would react if he ever found out that his little baby is actually stretching out in some latex clothes, while he is elsewhere on business. I just adore wearing this sexy material; it looks so fine on me. Since that I like to wear sexy clothing all the time, I do not think that he would mind at all seeing me in my latex garments. If only I was not so unsure about it.

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