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Belle is into the room by a man whos been holding her for quite some time. Hes her to put the hobble dress on and wastes no time directing her to a rope where he binds her wrists tightly behind her back. A head harness pipe gag is strapped tightly around her head and then tied off to the ceiling holding her in place. A rope is circled round her elbows next and drawn tightly before he moves around groping her and talking to her a bit about what hes going to do to her and how long hes going to keep her.

Belle struggles, but her tight dress combined with the tight arm bondage dont give her the leeway necessary to gain any slack in her tight ropes. The man returns and taunts her a bit before untying her cruel elbow rope. Belle is relieved to have this break but as the man walks off he quickly changes direction and returns to make her elbow bondage even tighter than before. Belle moans in pain as the man leaves her to struggle in her tight bondage and six inch heels.

File: ofp_BD_RedPVCHobbleOP.mp4
Size: 602 MiB
Duration: 12 min 33 s
Format: MPEG-4
Video:, 1920×1080 (16:9), 30.000 FPS, ~6 503 kb/s avg, 0.105 bit/pixel
Audio: Language: en, 48.0 kHz,, 2 ch, ~192 kb/s

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