You know by now that I’m always wearing latex in public. One of my favourite things to wear is a leotard – you know, like a one-piece swimsuit. I wear one with shorts, a skirt, under jeans or even under a dress to give it some layering, and often I wear one on its own to the beach. It’s just so practical! With latex being so tight, if I wear a rubber top then it tends to ride up all the time and I have to keep pulling it down, but with a leotard I never have to think about this because it is all-in-one: panties and top combined. Now, many girls might find a leotard – or bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit – uncomfortable because it can still move a bit while you wear it and, well, when it rides up but is held in place between your legs … you know … How many times have you seen a girl pulling her swimming costume out of her bum?! But for me, being very kinky (and a little slut *giggles*) this is a an added pleasure. I love the feeling when a leotard cuts into my bum and pulls into my pussy: it can get to the point where I really feel it rubbing when I walk, and if I wiggle my bum a little and move in a certain way I can start to really get turned on by the friction and … Well, let’s just leave it at that for now, OK?!

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