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Constance is resting on the couch when she suddenly is awoken from a strange dream she was having. A mans voice barks at her to get up and to strip out of her dress. In a daze, she does as the voice commands her and pulls her dress up over her head exposing her breasts and pantyhose. The man shoves a purple pvc outfit at her and tells her to put it on. Constance slips into the purple outfit as a slight smile comes over her face. This seems all too familiar she thinks to herself. She rubs her hands over the pvc material just as a large man wearing black barges into the room with something in his hand. Constance is roughly grabbed by the man and a collar is placed around her neck. The man in black Constance into a zippered leather armbinder and then forcibly gropes her as Constance delves deeper into her fantasy. A large leather glove covers her mouth and tightly hand gags Constance while continuing to grope her helpless body. A black ballgag is shoved in her mouth to silence her moans of pleasure. Constance is forcibly hand gagged over the ballgag. The man suddenly disappears and she is left to struggle with her desires alone.

After struggling in a tight pvc armbinder and ballgag, the large masked man returns and sweeps Constance into the air. He repositions her on the ground and straps her ankles tightly together. The smell of leather gloves overwhelms Constances senses as the masked man continually hand gags her as he gropes her body. A few leather straps are added to up the difficult of her bondage and is completed with a hogtie straps. The man in black then leaves her on the floor helpless to change her situation.

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