Ballet Boots, undoubtedly I love them! Why? Quite simply: they make you incredibly long, lean and well defined legs, making a feminine sexily body posture and if I wear them I feel myself elegant from head to toe. To wear ballet boots is not so easy and I must confess you it takes me pretty really long to be able to stand and even longer to walk around in these shoes. But beside that, say, do you also think that it has a nice charm to connect elegance with some lunatic stuff? I found this idea very attractive and once I was spurred on by this thought, I have rummaged through my wardrobe with all many latex outfits and out there came this combination: A white straightjacket from latex of the label Westward Bound and a really sexy latex pantyhose from the designer Simon O. Together with the white ballet boots a really dangerously good combination, don’t you think?

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