Sometimes I find myself examining the latest fashion catalogues where the latest trends are being introduced with a professional and a critical eye. There are sometimes quite sexy outfits being shown and I enjoy when all the shots look just right, not flashy, not askew, but just right. Allow me to elaborate. Namely there is for instance a photo where the model wears some sexy jeans and the shirt or top is exactly the right fit for that particular pair of jeans. You would not even think of anything else that would fit better, it is that perfectly matched. In addition to that, the overall mood seems cheery, some positive harmony that emanates from the set and transcends the mere photography, reaching straight to your own disposition. That was the spirit of this very photo series that follows. It started with my stubborn intention to wear these latex jeans with quite elaborate and quirky laces on the side. They look so sexy and I felt that I had to wear them that day, just simply had to. I knew that the photos will be remarkable, just because of the outfit, my imagination had already the whole shoot planned out, including all the accessories I was to wear with these latex jeans.

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