This is one of the more experimental types of bondage you will see come out of this Bondage Clinic. Here we have a sub who claims he can climax with only the stimuli from bondage and sound. For Hinako, this was too interesting of a claim to not put it to the test. So, that’s just what she did. She started by tying him up tight in a rubber rest sack. Then, she attached a high-tech nipple toy on to his nipples. This toy would stimulate the nipples while also emitting a stimulating sound at the same time. Then, she just sat back and watched. Much to Hinako’s surprise, his hypothesis was correct. Not only did he climax without her so much as laying a finger on him, he released what looked like urine out of his dick, but in his own words, “was a sensation as good as or better than cuming.” A truly fascinating experiment and a peculiar test subject.

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