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Could you ever imagine an outstanding photo session with unique latex outfits in a padded room? I’m pretty sure if you hear ”padded room” you think about a heavy rubber photo shooting. Maybe, you imagine me in a black latex catsuit, latex gloves and a latex hood. If you do then I need to clear things up. These pictures are in truth part of an awesome photo session with glamorizing latex outfits designed by Latexa. And you will be the first to see this latest collection of this Danish latex fashion label on my website! I model since a couple of years for Latexa so I’m sure you already noticed the development of this designer in the last couple years. And once more durring the shooting I fell in love with this beautiful new latex design which I was wearing. Beautiful latex outfits alone would be worth making a special shooting with. But the shooting was also very interesting for itself. As I told you, this shooting took place in a padded room. The wall in the studio was covered with spiking latex sheets and the floor was covered completely in latex also. It was very difficult to walk in high heels on the floor but the room looked unbelievable. So this place was amazing for this shooting because of all the latex around me, at the walls, the floor and also the outfits on my body. So enjoy this beautiful session

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