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Sometimes I like to provoke a bit, but that this time my ‘punishment’ would be splitting rocks was something I did indeed have not expected. But when I was handed a construction site helmet and a pickaxe, I was speechless, shocked to the bone. It was not easy, crushing those huge boulders on this hot summer day where the sun shone brutally. At least I had plenty of water and let it drip down my body, washing the saltiness away, cooling me off. A small gasp unintentionally escaped my lips, my bare skin thankful for the momentous relief of the searing heat. My jeans were soaking wet in a heartbeat and the tingling of my skin had a very peculiar effect on me, suddenly I felt very sexual. Despite my bikini and jeans being soaked, the heat just did not go away. I decided that I should abandon the rest of the clothing until I was as good as stripped bare. After I dropped the jeans off, I immediately felt the cool breeze coming from the sea cooling my body, as if thanking me for making an offering to it. Now I breathed deeply and experienced another peculiar notion, the mixture of relief and arousal that befell me reawakened the naughtiness in me. It seems to be true at last: Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls come everywhere

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