There is no other clothing which emphazises the female body as wonderful as a corset is able to. The silhouette of a woman looks so extremly feminine and fantastic. It wheedles every woman and everytime I want to feel me more feminine I love it to put on a corset. It felts so wonderful, so sexy, tight and erotical – marvelous! Of course I have also some favourites in my little corset collections like my beloved leather corset from Absolut Danny. The leather is smooth and it feels like touching velvet when my finger glide over the material. Everytime I wear I corset it’s a surmounting for me to undress it again. But in this photoshoot I made an exception only for you but you should know it wasn’t that easy for me. The picture of this shooting became really wonderful and belong to one of my favourites. I wear one of my beloved corsets mad of leather, I show you how pretty the spring in Spain is and what all is hidden under my corset.

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