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Even the title suggest something else, you will not only see me wearing a laced mini skirt in this session. But the latex mini skirt by Absolute Danny which I’m wearing in this photo shooting is so awesome that it was a must do to call this session about this hot laced skirt. I don’t have that many mini skirts in latex because I didn’t found some fascinating and new skirt designs in latex fashion. Normally, a mini skirt is a nice basic mainly in one color which is combined to a nice sexy top. So obviously this laced mini skirt is quite different from the standard and is the reason why I matched it with a plain black latex top. You know such a lacing is something special and with this mini skirt it’s really hot. The laces are over my legs which allow some hot views and you know I’ve used it! 🙂 I don’t have many outfits with laces if you think about corsets of course, but I really like these accessories a lot. So you can be sure that this will be not the last photo shooting with such an awesome laced mini skirt. Now enjoy the videos and the pictures.

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