And, besides, it is just that what I find in latex so brilliant. But then, however … just just … then one day I held this brilliant white latex body of Dead Lotus Couture in my hands. The latex label is known for her unusual futuristic and brilliant designs and I had been pleased gigantically, finally, to be able to wear somewhat of her costumes. The latex body is simple, however, by the shark collar in black-red and by the black cuffs at the arms it looks so stylish, simply fantastically. To me it was clear, a brilliant styling must go here, so that this dreamlike body will be presented at its finest. Thus all necessary make-up utensils unpacked and then it went on to my metamorphose. Mean I transformed my anyhow quite bright skin by the suitable foundation two shades brighter, brought my green eyes in the perfect cat’s form, slightly bluish lips and as the perfect finish I put on some ice-blue contact lenses and a straight side pigtail.

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