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Perhaps some of you can remember this cute and sexy little monokini? I remember vividly how steamy and hot I felt while wearing that little neon green latex beauty. The color was so smashing that when wearing it all eyes were on me, no matter which beach I was on. On the other hand, maybe it was not just the monokini? Well, it so happened that on the day I wanted to take out my sweet little latex monokini from Savage Wear on another test run, I encountered a completely deserted beachfront. Come to think of it, it was so early I should have been surprised to find anybody there – you know me and my early morning walks, don’t you? Secretly eager to show off a bit, or a little bit more, I was somewhat disappointed that there were no leering eyes following my every move. I am so proud of my wonderful monokini, I wanted everybody to see it and enjoy how little it covered. Bottom line, though, I also did enjoy a few quiet moments, enjoying a peaceful stroll and the sunrise completely on my own. So I decided not to loll around on my beach mat, but to take my volleyball with me and to exercise in the morning sun. I felt the latex gently caressing my otherwise bare body, moving like probing hands all over, exploring my secrets and toying with my waist and breasts, while I jumped, worked out and enjoyed the feeling how my muscles warmed up and worked. The sand trickled between my toes, the wind parted my red hair like a forlorn lover sworn to chastity but burning with desire and the morning sun kissed with her warm sunbeams my naked skin.

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