Twice a year the local “Leipziger Kleinmesse” comes to town, bringing with it the bright lights and loud music of the fairground. Traditionally in spring and autumn for more than 100 years now, it attracts young and old alike; some come for the carousels and funky fairground rides, their loud music blaring for your attention, but others just for something to drink or maybe the tasty gingerbread treats or just to have some fun. For me, I come for the fairground, the gingerbread and the fun! In the evenings the atmosphere has a real buzz and in the autumn, when it is darker earlier, the lights make the whole fair seem electrifying. The weather hasn’t been great lately but I wanted to enjoy the last days of the fair so I had an idea for shooting some photos with the wonderful lights as a backdrop. And of course, I’d be wearing latex among all the people. You know how I like to be looked at when I’m wearing rubber

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