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It just like an omen: Wherever I’m walking in latex all passengers scanning my shape and passing cars honk. But this time I swear I don’t wanted to be naughty – just enjoy my holidays! While the summer 2007 In Germnay stayed away but it was different in Chicago! I visited this beautiful town last summer for short private holidays and there were outside at this time 35 to 40 degree Celsius. What for a warm summer. So, I thought it’s the best wearing my latex top while walking through the city. If you ever wore latex you know the nice feeling on the skin and also the fact every contact, the wind and every degree on the thermometer is much more sensitive. For all that especially for the hot summer temperature I couldn’t resist to wear my latex dresses I had brought in my luggage. However, for the passengers I was surely a new experience! And my shopping tour was much more fun while wearing this sexy dress.

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