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I looked in the mirror in the morning and decicided it’s on the time to do some wellness. I want to relax, to have some free time only for me alone and to enjoy it at the fullest. I took the phone and called my favourite thermal bath to make an appointed for afternoon. This time I reserved a room for me alone because I was not in the mood to share the beautiful location with other visitors. Luckily there was no problem with my special wish and I was happy the things running so easily today. I looked forward my wellness time but before I made me on the way I had to decided what I should wear. To be covered only with a towel and a pair of bathing shoes isn’t really the dress I could relax and chill. To relax perfectly I must feel comfortable, sexy and feminine. After some minutes of thinking about the right dress for this occasion I’ve decided to wear ones of my many mini dresses and a nice pantyhose too.

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