Everyone knows by now that I love wearing lots of latex, especially total coverage. I love the feeling of being enclosed in tight rubber, all sealed in, shiny and sexy. For example, recently I went to have my hair styled, with blue latex leggings showing under my long grey jumper and my black rubber Converse All Stars. When I sat down and my stylist wrapped the gown around me, she noticed the same blue just peeking out at the neck of my jumper; my “leggings” were the bottom half of my vibrant blue Simon O latex catsuit (I remember that day well because it was a really hot summer afternoon! Hot sun and a full catsuit can make for a sweaty time). Or at a bar with friends I’ve worn jeans with what looks like a shiny black latex long-sleeved top. Only I knew all night while we were out that under the jeans and inside my over-knee boots, my legs and feet were covered in rubber too; what looked like a top was actually a full black latex catsuit. I spent the night reveling in the fact that the zipper between my legs was rubbing against my clit and I was getting seriously turned on. It was all I could do not to grind myself against it as I chatted with my

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