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It happened quite a few times, that I drive to the beach just to get some relaxing time on my own. The sound of the sea has a tranquil effect on me while the sun caresses my body. I love to take a good book with me there and instantly it starts to feel just like a proper vacation. All day I am looking forward to the moment when in the evening I will look into my bathroom mirror and notice where my bikini straps were, the color I have achieved to gain today. These differences in color are very sexy to me. For that very reason I wear skimpy bikinis and I try not to have them move an inch, just to get the lines nice and straight. On the other hand, these tiny pieces of cloth seem to attract boys like flies. They are pretty shy and that is really sweet, like they are daring themselves to approach slowly. Sometimes the whole pack of wolves, I beg a pardon, boys, joke around and try to advance to the prey, me, in a swifter manner, where I have to react and cannot remain sunbathing in peace browning my tan. Nevertheless, very seldom someone simply approaches me and talks to me, which is actually unfortunate. Sometimes such a pack of wolves turns out to be pretty tame and then I find myself in an exquisite company, listening to funny stories narrated by truly inspiring people

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