I had a really great time with latex this summer, especially my frequent visits to the beach at a local lake. I’d fooled my best friend that, because of my new huge tits, I didn’t feel comfortable being “nearly naked” – they’re much bigger now and really bounce around. She knows about my boob job, of course, and she knows about my passion for latex and I kept telling her that I’d only feel comfortable if I was wearing rubber, fully wrapped in it. I mentioned it a lot and she soon believed me. Of course, I was joking! I LOVE people looking at me, making me feel objectified … but she doesn’t know THAT much about my latex passion. So it came to a weekend recently when we were going to head to the beach and I was winding her up that she would be in a skimpy bikini but that I would be completely covered up. I kept to my word and I went fully covered in latex, but not quite how she expected. I’d driven to the lake and parked with my photographer and then had to walk through many people to get to the beach area, and as I arrived to meet my friend she gave me a stern look.

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