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It’s that time again – the latex passion took me under fully under control. Some days there is an indescribable demand and feel for this beautiful soft latex material on my skin. Do you know such a feeling, too? Of course, you also occasionally have an inner urge that you have something or want to do something. For example you want to eat a lot of sweets, do sports with friends or just want to surrender to your physical desires and passions. I’m totally sure that you know that feeling. Now, there are certainly some of these drives that are not necessarily great for your health. Eating a whole cup of ice or alcohol is something. On the other hand, I see no problem in sports and much less when wearing latex. Latex is my little weakness and I think that’s not wrong and bad at all. Well maybe my greed for latex keeps growing, but that’s what I call my sin and that’s what I stand for.

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