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My mood was pleased and relaxed but at the same time I was also pretty excited and the imagination started to dance in my head as I started my journey to the Châtel ‘Mountain View’. My black blazer which I had put over my underwear laid easily on my shoulders, the suspender belt looked out, moved soft and rhythmically as I opened the door to the fireplace room. Elegantly, comfortably with a touch a romantic flair the fireplace room welcomed me, candles shone, heavy leather armchairs gave dignity and timeless beauty to this place. Slowly I allowed the blazer to glide of my shoulders and now then stood in the midst of the beautiful fireplace room dressed in this marvelous underwear which seemed only created for this extraordinary place. I should be patient, still a little bit more patient, I should allowed myself to take a little look around and to bring me in the right mood bring while my host lays out my clothes for the special play evening. So I waited a little while longer and the patience gave way the prejoy and imagination over everything which should still come…

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