25 years ago brown coal was actively produced in the south of Leipzig, more precisely in open-cast mining in Espenhain. Of course, during this time huge excavators and machines were used which were necessary to get and transport the earth and coal quickly. Today, the former area of opencast mining is re-cultivated and today almost not recognizable as arable land or lakes. Since that time there was no longer need for the big and heavy machines like a totally cool steam engine in Radtha / Espenhain. On a sunny Friday I was looking forward to a new picture series, in which I wanted to wear this fantastically beautiful outfit. I wore this combination before on a Modenshow on the night of latex loving and fell in love with me immediately. The cut, the combination and the color fit so well to me that I just wanted to give the outfit no more. And that is how it found its way to me so that it can be carried in a very special picture series.

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