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Well, I will for once ignore the collective groan that you all gave me just now and continue with my story. I looked around the cabin and discovered a couple of logs just right for the fireplace. This was sure to improve the atmosphere considerably, nice, crackling fire and the mood is skyrocketing. Very soon after I started the fire the warmth did spread everywhere and I was not cold anymore. Moreover, I started feeling somewhat hot. Since that I got all of your attention right now, yes you have guessed it, I started to sweat. Although I only had a summer blouse on, my skin got moist pretty fast and the fabric felt heavy to my skin. Now, now, no reason to shout ”Now you’re talking”, I admit that removing all the pesky material allowed me to breathe easier – and I really do like to move about in my undies. I felt very feminine when I felt the textile of my undergarments caress my bare skin. I felt good – sensual, desirable and so much more. How much more, you would like to know? Well, dare a glimpse at my latest exciting photo series, if you please.

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