We are living in some seriously stressful times – and Elise is starting to feel the pressure. Fortunately, she has identified an extremely effective self soothing activity that reduces stress. Collecting all her favorite transparent rubber items, Elise sits on the edge of her beg and enjoys the experience of slipping into rubber. Dressing for her own pleasure. She begins by sucking deeply on the dildo in her rubber dildo panties, preparing for insertion into her pussy. Next, she takes care to lube up her feet and legs before slipping into transparent rubber stockings. After slipping a sexy rubber apron on, and securing it in the back, Elise is ready for the main piece – the inflatable ball hood. The sensory deprivation of sight and sound that this hood provides allows Elise to immerse herself in what is to come next. Attaching a long rubber hose and rebreather bag to the hood enables Elise to play with her own breath. She seems to make love to that bag as it swells with her trapped breath. All of this rubber is a major turn on, and thus Elise gets busy vibing her stuffed pussy while controlling her access to air. She deserves some stress relief. After satisfying herself with the vibrator, Elise then handcuffs herself to the bed for some solo relaxation time.

File: bod_lib_on_transparent_rubber_stress_relief.mp4
Size: 363 MiB
Duration: 25 min 51 s
Format: MPEG-4
Video:, 1280×720 (16:9), 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS, ~1 800 kb/s avg, 0.065 bit/pixel
Audio: Language:, 44.1 kHz,, 2 ch, ~160 kb/s

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