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Dressed in head to toe latex, Slyyy aggressively bursts into the room of her next-door neighbor’s house. She struts around the room then stops & asks if they liked the pictures that she sent them. Slyyy smiles seductively & tells them that she knows how much they like it when she dresses up in shiny skintight rubber. Slyyy then rips open her PVC raincoat & tosses it aside, slowly strutting around the room showing off her latex catsuit. After a few minutes she looks at the camera & playfully unzips the top of her catsuit telling them that they can do anything they want to her. They (silent POV) tell her that they’re not interested because they both have girlfriends. Slyyy gets pissed off, angrily zips her catsuit back up, grabs her riding crop & points it at the camera. She tells them that if they don’t play along, she’ll send their girlfriends a copy of the little bondage video that she had made during their last little get together. She smacks the crop against her hand & says, “So if you don’t fucking tie me up, I’ll tell both of your girlfriends that you fucking tied me up”. From offscreen, 2 bundles of rope are thrown at her feet. Slyyy tells them she wants more & more ropes are thrown at her. The next scene opens up with Slyyy tied tightly to a chair & a big red shiny ballgag in her mouth. She spends the remainder of the clip struggling & really enjoying herself.

File Name: nxns_slyyygetswhatslyyywantspartone5-13-23_bdg.mp4
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 832 MiB
Duration: 20 min 6 s
Resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9)

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