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What would you say, am I rather clad in this series or rather nude? If you think I am making no sense, wait, you are in for a treat. There was this guy, I should say a friend, who has no pertinent knowledge about latex. Such conversations I particularly enjoy, because I have a lot to say on that topic. My world, in case you missed that somehow, does revolve around that material. My flat smells like latex and when I manage not to wear it for a week, I tend to go berserk! Latex does wonders for body styling, since that every single detail is clearly visible underneath it. My silhouette is well defined and on parties people can generally recognize if I swallowed a peanut. I am joking. But when I wear a catsuit, they cannot see a thing. This friend of mine had a different opinion. I gathered by telltale signs and his own words that he rather saw me next to naked in such a garment. You can see my breasts, my oasis between my legs and I did not feel naked, though. This dreamy latex catsuit made perfectly for my body by Simon O. follows my curvature and motion like a second, or even the first, skin. I never see the material falter. When I wear this catsuit, I am completely covered; this awesome rubbery garment caresses my breasts, my stomach, my legs… all of me… if only this catsuit were not transparent!

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