Whenever the snow is new and clouds are away, the sun is showing up again after a long snowy week it gets much warmer and that feels really great. And even we had just 8 degree on the Fichtelberg it felt in the sun like a dreamlike spring day. And that is the moment when I feel extremely comfortable, active and very kinky. Now you can surely imagine why these Photos with latex clothing in the snow happen … it just goes awesome! Perfectly prepared for this perfect day I took my sled and made my way. Already the view from the car was dreamful and was so fantastic that I was looking forward to these photos. I had chosen my sexy white latex catsuit with the coat which was made by Simon O. I’m sure, some didn’t thought a photo shooting will happen in the white snow with my white latex catsuit but I love this catsuit sooo much. It looks so awesome and I love the soft touch and with the fur it is something very special but perfect for this place.

File: la_ln_snow_white_fl_pix.zip
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Size Photo: 1920 Pixels
Number Of: 75 Photos
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