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Normally, the student life is great: Many parties, a lot of fun and great time with nice friends. That’s one side but you also need to learn and read as a student. I love to read good books but I have a big weakness: If I’ve started a book I need to finish this before I start another one. The book can be very boring but it doesn’t matter. I’m a pry girl and always need to know how the story ends. It can always change! However, if I read some boring books which don’t catch me my girlie thoughts bring me away from the right way and let me think about all nice alternatives. Now you can imagine for sure how this story was born. A student girl has another idea to do as she should do. It isn’t really surprising for you right? And you know in my case I have thoughts about latex fetish! I can’t explain why but I thought about feeling latex on my skin and smell it.

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