I must apologise in advance for this set of photos as I wonder if they might be a little boring for you when, in fact, I set out to achieve quite the opposite. I had some crazy ideas in my head for this set as I was going through a mountain of lovely latex: different catsuits, gorgeous sexy dresses, stockings, leggings and various other wonderful rubbery items. For some reason I like mixing latex at the moment, combining several pieces to enclose my body as much as possible in rubber. If you have tried latex for yourself you’ll understand how wonderful this can feel. I picked out some very cool items and challenged myself to combine them. I’d imagined my black latex corset squeezing my body tightly over my black catsuit. Then I changed my mind in favour of the corset over my transparent catsuit and then a latex dress over the top, giving me a tightly cinched and pinched waspish waist.

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