My last few photo sets have been getting a little crazier – and I LOVE it . The feeling of being wrapped in tight latex, whether it’s just a pair of leggings for a trip to the hairstylist or a tight leotard with jeans for a night at a club, or even if it’s a full catsuit and hood sealing me in from my head to my toes, it’s something I can’t help but adore. And since my experience of heavy rubber, with more than one layer covering my body, or even with bondage and ballgags, I’ve become an even more kinky girl. This probably sounds crazy to someone who has never tried wearing latex – maybe it’s kinky and abnormal; weird; freaky! But it’s exactly what I love and enjoy: the rubber gripping tightly on my skin; the smell of latex; the softness and the way it makes my skin extra sensitive; the way it moves and stretches with my body; even the sweating when I’m wearing it for a long time and sound of it as it creaks and snaps. Especially I love how the rubber is so smooth and shiny and I feel it makes my body look sexy and delicious and I can’t help feeling a buzz as people look at me.

Size: 64.8 MiB
Size Photo: 1920 Pixels
Number Of: 75 Photos
Format: ZIP

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