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On very hot days, when the sun beat down mercilessly and I can’t stop sweating, I prefer wearing as few as possible clothes on my wet skin. A beautiful bikini or just lingerie is more than enough on these days and just the smallest breath of wind is welcome to cool me. But on a very hot midsummer the lightest and smallest outfit can be too much. Also my light white underwear which is so soft on my naked skin was already too much on this day. I felt every little wind but there was not that much on this day because it was a beautiful summer day. I enjoyed the sun but I came to the point to take a refreshment in the pool. The sun was burning but the pool was cooling at all. So time to swim in the water but should I change my underwear quickly take my bikini for relaxing in the pool? So I decided to enjoy the refreshing cool water and the beautiful sunset of the day.

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