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Tied and Milked by Two Perfect Leather Dommes

Two perfect leatherclad goddesses are going to give this slave a very hard time. He is not allowed to cum whilst they tease him with their sexy leather leggings and dirty talk. His cock is hard and desperate to spunk, how much longer can he control himself with these two hot Dommes teasing him relentlessly. […]

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Leather Slave Been Smothered and Milked By My Leather leggings part 1

My leather slave has not been milked for a long time but he will have to earn his release. I know how much he loves my leather leggings and my ass…he must show me how much he adores me first. Then I use his face as my seat and smother him underneath my leatherclad butt, […]

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Leather Jacket and Tight Leather Leggings Fuck

Miss Tina loves toying with her slaves and she knows exactly how to get them very desperate and horny! Her male pet is such a slut for leather leggings, just watch him drool over his sexy mistress. But Tina keeps him fully under control and that includes his hard cock. She will allow him to […]

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Double Cum For My Perfect  Leather Leggings

These are the perfect leggings and they make my ass look so hot. I can’t stop watching myself in the mirror and touching my shiny butt. This is getting you hard isn’t it? You will be allowed to stroke but you can only cum once I have had my fun with these leggings and they […]

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