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Tied to a chair and gagged in high-heeled boots and worn pantyhose

“My close friend has a bondage fetish. And he likes to wear womens clothes. And pantyhose. And high heeled boots. And he loves to be gagged with worn tights and smelling shoes. And he asked if there is something I could do about that…So I chairtied him and gagged hm with my worn tights and […]

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Ludella tied up in a black latex dress and gloves

Ludella Hahn gets her wish to be tied up tightly. She struggles her way through a very sexy clip in a black latex dress, matching black latex gloves and sexy pantyhose. A red ball gag makes sure that she can’t raise the alarm. It isn’t hard to see why this girls is an internet fetish […]

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Carolina West in stretchy black latex straitjacket

The lovely Carolina West is back – trussed up in a stretchy but quite secure black straitjacket and nylons. I have tended in the past to over do the bondage when using straitjackets, but decided that I just wanted a little contrast here. Carolina provided all the rest. The soft moans and the struggles against […]

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Akira struggling helplessly in latex dress and red leather singleglove

Akira Lane in latex and pantyhose, struggling helplessly in a tight red leather singleglove. Does it get any sweeter. Well add a beautiful sunset and the sounds of her moaning into a black rubber ball gag and everything is okay with the universe. The straps add a little spice too. Gorgeous bondage indeed. File: bcf_wmbcv-0998_bdg.mp4 […]

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Julia in a leather straitjacket with the blindfold on

Julia gets to pick her own clamps. Does she pick the mean ones or the nicer ones? She’s awfully whiny about it. You’d think they hurt or something! Let’s help her with that shall we, vibrator anyone? Jim talks to her, making sure she asks to cum but she’s very disoriented with the blindfold on. […]

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Aracoeli Nin – Half Crazy in leather straitjacket

Aracoeli as cute as a button, but that only makes us want to play with her more. Jim uses his leather straitjacket, straps and gag. I just love the sound new leather makes when you struggle in it. Squeak squeak mmmm. I would say Aracoeli agrees with me, if not oh well. she’ll find it […]

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Fans Kinky Leather Fetish Sexy Photoshoot part 1

Whilst making new pictures for my leather fans, I see how excited the photographer is getting as well. He has a very horny look on his face and can’t stop getting closer to my sexy leather business outfit. File: cha_cu_Kinky_leather_fetish_photoshoot_part_1.mp4 Size: 186 MiB Duration: 7 min 15 s Format: MPEG-4 Video: AVC 1280×720 (16:9), 25.000 […]

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My Leather Biker Jackets Joi

Do you love leather biker jackets as well? Does it turn you on when I zip them up? Or show them off? I want you to stroke for these three fabulous leather jackets: the classic biker, a red leather one and one with fur. Then you can cum on the collar of my leather jacket […]

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Cumshot On My Long Iconic Leather Coat part 1

This coat has been a big favourite of mine for nearly 2 decades, it still looks amazing doesn’t it. But now it is time to part with this leather beauty as a fan will be enjoying it from now on. File: cha_cu_Last_wank_on_My_iconic_leather_coat_part_1.mp4 Size: 176 MiB Duration: 6 min 51 s Format: MPEG-4 Video: AVC 1280×720 […]

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