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For some of you latex clothing is certainly not the everyday clothes event it’s not necessary. There is really a great latex fashion and just the underwear is always hotter and really wears every moment really pleasant. Especially in winter, when it gets really cold, I prefer to wear warm pants and a sweater. But that does not mean that I want to do without latex. A fancy bra, a cute thong or a cool shirt for underneath is always there. For these Photos, I wanted to test the extremes again because that’s exactly what I enjoy a lot. I decided not to do anything that would be practical for a snowy day and chose exactly what is super sexy and I really like it. In my suitcase I had a uniform that I had not worn before and that’s just super sexy. I did not want to wear anything that detracts from this uniform, so it was nude or slightly translucent. Then I found my new tights.

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